Call for Submissions 2017

We are planning our first stand-alone PPE Society Meeting for March 16-19 2017 in New Orleans.  With that event in mind we are now doing a CALL FOR PROPOSALS and SUBMISSIONS. The deadline for submissions was June 15, 2016.  

We mean this call to be open-ended, with the guiding aim just being a session that serves well the mission of the PPE Society: to encourage the interaction and cross-fertilization of three intellectual disciplines that are, in their history, deeply intertwined and that now, and going forward, have much to offer one another.

On the proposals side, if you have ideas for panels, or speakers, that you would like to organize, please write up the proposal, with a justification articulating its relevance to PPE, and submit it using the form below.  This can be panels discussing a new book or book manuscript in an author meets critic format, or a set of shortish papers on a common theme, or a paper by someone from one discipline with comments by people from others, or…

On the submissions side, if you have a talk you would like to present, please write up an abstract, making sure that it is anonymized, and submit it using the form below. The plan for these is to have speakers give presentations, with discussion to follow ( without commentators), with there being several concurrent sessions.  Just how much time will be allotted to each session is not yet settled, so please submit abstracts for talks that allow you some flexibility.

Although the deadline for proposals and submissions is June 15, 2016, if you have an idea for a talk now, letting us know what it is ASAP would be tremendously helpful in our planning for this event.  Please consider colluding with friends to give papers or offer a panel at this conference, with the idea of coming to New Orleans to meet engaging people, grapple with interesting work, and help forge a community among people interested in PPE.  Well, “colluding” might not be quite the right word, but you get the idea…


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